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At LBR Infosolutions we believe that the new age workloads are putting traditional IT solutions under tremendous pressure and it only can be effectively handled by bringing in some new disruptive technologies.

About Us

About Us

We believe that that the technology landscape is going through a massive change. New Innovative and disruptive technologies are available at much faster pace to solve everyday problems. LBR Infosolutions has team of people who always experimented and brought such disruptive technologies to the market to improve agility and efficiency of IT infrastructure of our customers.



We believe that the only solution to ever increasing challenges in IT infrastructures is to adopt new Disruptive Technologies. We are committed to bring unique new age Technology solutions to our Customers to help solve problems faster.



To be the default choice for customers to go to and adopt disruptive Technologies.


Customer Values

Customer-centricity should be about delivering value for customers that will eventually create value for company





•Scality customers benefit from the best and broadest integrations in the data ecosystem. Our partnerships with 130+ application providers — plus alliances with leading hardware and platform manufacturers — produce complete, fully integrated solutions that exceed requirements and allow customers to easily adapt to future needs.

•Scality is — and always will be — engineering-centric and research-focused in service of our customers. We don’t do hype. We deliver proven solutions you can count on.

Scality Ring

The leading scale-out file & object storage software solution

•Who it’s for:

•Enterprises and service providers creating modern cloud data centers

•Ideal for any combination of:

•Long-term backups and ransomware protection, data archives, big data analytics, custom applications, content & collaboration, media content delivery, medical imaging archives


•100% software, Unified S3 object and file storage. Non-disruptive infinite scale out. High data durability and availability. Hybrid-cloud capable. Future-proof with cloud-style economics.


Simple, secure object-storage software for S3 applications

•Who it’s for:

•Application owners, DevOps and edge builders who need super-easy deployment and management without sacrificing enterprise-class capabilities

•Ideal for any combination of:

•Backups and ransomware protection, AI/ML applications, edge applications, enterprise data services


•100% software. Start small, grow to petabytes. Deploy fast on VMs or standard servers. High durability data and ransomware protection. Data replication. Hybrid-cloud capable. Super-low entrypoint pricing.

High Performance Unified Storage Solution

High Performance Unified Storage Solution



Enterprise data protection with InfiniSafe® cyber protection technologies and unmatched performance.

Ransomware, malware, and cyberattacks put your data at significant risk. Infinidat’s modern data protection and cyber resilience solution, InfiniGuard, plays an essential role in your overall cyber security strategy. InfiniGuard features include:

  • Easy to use with your preferred backup software

  • Industry-leading data protection and backup performance

  • Comprehensive InfiniSafe cyber recovery capabilities

  • Enterprise-class reliability and availability

  • Extensive, multi-layered security features

Multifactor Authentication Solution

Multifactor Authentication Solution

The only technology proven to stop account takeovers at scale. Used by 9 of the 10 technology companies. Loved by more than 5000 businesses and 15+ Million users in over 160 countries.

Pioneering authentication standards for the modern web


Built for security

Mobile authentication software or SMS could not stop phishing and man-in-the middle attacks at Google.


Employees & Customers

The search giant made yubikey mandatory for all employees, and optional for all end-users.



Zero account takeovers, 4x faster to login, 92% fewer support calls, 100% acceptance rate

Multifactor Authentication Solution

Historically, there has been a tradeoff between great security and usability.

Passwords are fundamentally broken. Basic two-factor authentication, like SMS and mobile apps, is increasingly  vulnerable to attackers. And the more secure hardware technologies, such as traditional smart cards, are difficult to deploy and use at scale.

Multifactor Authentication Solution

One key to access them all


Find the right Yubikey

Screenshot 2022-12-30 151844.png
  • The protect access to both legacy and modern IT systems. Yubico pioneered new innovative security protocols and added them all to the Yubikey.

  • Inspired by the word ubiquity, one single Yubikey can authenticate to hundreds of leading global business and consumer applications.



IT Spare Services
Managed Services


Businesses are growing too fast. Reengineer your tech accessories’ procurement processes with us. The biggest challenge of an IT procurement team is to procure right accessories in expected timelines from an authorized vendor with end-to-end service support. We offer 600+ tech accessories on a one-stop-shop at the best prices with excellent supply chain management so that your employees can work with best quality, compatibility & variations required.

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